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John Nestor

Licensed Construction Supervisor, Home Improvement Contractor, Real Estate Broker, John Nestor was certified as a PMP while working for General Dynamics. He has a holistic view for project management and control. He is also an accomplished wooden boat builder and incorporates strong craftsmanship knowledge into the projects managed by Nanepashemet.

Michael Elsier

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Mike Elsier tackles the techical and back office issues for Nanepashemet and maintains project controls that insure the success of Nanepashemet projects.

John and Mike met while working at General Dynamics.  The performed work together thoughout the United States in the Wireless Telecom Industry.  Nanepashemet was formed in 2006 by them to diverisify their interest in the real estate investment and remodeling industry.  They continue to maintain a level of service delivery to the wireless industry as well.

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